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Wednesday, July 10, 2013



  1. Such beautiful garden and grounds!! You have put lots of love and work in them!!

  2. Thanks, Robyn! I just put stuff into the ground. If it grows, it stays; if it dies . . . I get to buy a new plant. Plus I like to pull weeds; that's a big help. I take it as a challenge. Those pesky things had better watch out; I'm out to get them.
    But in the end - and this just occurred to me this morning as I was thinking about your kind remarks: The garden is a blessing to me. It gives back so much more than it takes in time and effort. And, hey, this is just like people, right? Sure, people can be pesky sometimes (like when they disagree with me!), but in the end, so much enjoyment comes from the people we love.
    Thanks again, Robyn.

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    1. Thanks, Kristi!! Great to get a comment from you...... Hugs! HUGE hugs!!